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Palazhi Sree Ramakrishna Ashrama situated on the banks of Karuvannur river in a 3 ½ Acre Compound was established by Sri Sri Nirmalananda Swami Maharaj who was one of the direct disciples of Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and founder of Sree Ramakrishna movements in Kerala. This Ashrama is blessed with the visit of Sri Agamananda Swami, also known as Kerala Vivekananda. However since Nirmalananda Swami decided to disassociate from the Belur Ramakrishna Mut and Nirmalananda swami had no proper lineage of disciples,gradually the Ashrama found it difficult to carry on the activities and resultantly, the control of the Ashrama came under late Shri.Krishna Warrier. Along with the Ashrama,Shri Warrier established a model Sanskrit Educational Institution and named it as “Sudarsana Vidhya Peetam”.

Himself an orthodox and a firm believer in principles of untouchability,several action of Shri Krishna Warrier including non- admission of lower caste devotees in the local Dharma Sastha Temple ,a subsidiary of the ashrama and the controversy caused by not allowing to sing the National Anthem in the school had invited problems and made Palazhy a place of large scale agitations for several years. As a consequence of continued agitations and court interventions Shri.Krishna Wrrier was compelled to resign from the responsibilities of the ashrama and temple which finally came under the control of Ottapalam Nirmalananda Mut. Ottapalam Mut had no manpower to look after the affairs of the ashrama at distant Palazhy and they were prepared to hand over the ashrama and property to RSS which was spearheading the Palazhy agitation. As per directives from RSS State leadership Sanjeevani Samithi took over the ashrama and properties in the year 1995 and started administering the affairs of ashrama and temple with the help and participation of local people.

In 1995 an orphanage for Boys was started in the ashrama building under the name and style “Swami Agamananda Balasadanam”. Initially, there were only 13 inmates. As Palazhy is situated in a remote place little away from main roads ( 5 Kms from Pudukkad in the NH-47 and 5 Kms from Urakam on the Thrissur Kodungallur road) it took some time for the Balasadanam to be popular. Though financial support being received,initially,from public was not sufficient to meet the expenses, gradually Balasadanam caught attention of public- thanks to the relentless publicity efforts of RSS workers and now it has become financially self supporting due to receipt of donations from all corners. Thirty five orphaned boys from different parts of Kerala are being looked after here now. Selection process of inmates and daily activities are almost similar as of Balikasadanam. For boys,however,special ‘sakha’ akin to RSS sakhas elsewhere, evening prayers(Sandhya Vandanam) and training in pooja rituals are also included in the daily activities. As already stated, since the ‘ashrama’ is situated on the river side,all the inmates are trained and having knowledge of swimming. We gratefully acknowledge the services of S/Shri Ravi, Binu, Sugunan,Jayaprakash,Bijith and Sajeevan who have worked as Warden for their contributions for the success achieved in the functioning of Balasadanam.

Cattle Farm

Along with the “Ashram” there is a cattle farm being maintained. Some of the well wishers had donated cows and calves for this purpose. The requirement of milk for Balasadanam is met from the cattle farm maintained here. Besides, the age old cow worshipping culture and cattle maintenance training are imparted to the children.


The Ashram compound consists of 3 ½ Acres fertile land. Water level in the river flowing by the side of the compound is such that it provides sufficient water for agriculture/drinking purpose in the area through out. This conducive situation is taken advantage of and the fertile land is purposefully utilized for cultivating vegetables etc. The inmates take interest in agriculture activities and get involved by doing the connected works,such as watering the plants,putting manure etc.themselves.

Palazhy Dharma Sastha Temple

The Dharmasatha Temple adjacent to the ashram has been fully renovated spending about … lakhs rupees over a period of … years. This was possible with the full participation and co- operation of the devotees in and around Palazhy. The temple and premises are always lively with the usual festivals and other celebrations at frequent intervals.